A wide range of accessories for technical furnishing units as to comply with the modern laboratory requirements.

A wide range of brass corks with bass valves for gas and water, tight boards and small towers to host electric utilities, reagent supporting and instrument holding shelves, adjustable in height, suspended cabinets, localizes aspiration arms, suspended satellites, emergency showers and eye-washers


Catalogo generale 942 KB Download
Elettricità - Electricity 493 KB Download
Rubinetterie - Water and Gas Taps 4,3 MB Download
Emergenza - Emergency Shower 158 KB Download
FILTERBOX 736 KB Download
FILTERKIT 242 KB Download
LFK 572 KB Download
ME 50 2017 3,6 MB Download
ME 75 2017 3,9 MB Download
ME 100 2017 3,8 MB Download
MEX-AA 2017 774 KB Download