The product series MA90 is very stiff and offers a very good price-quality ratio thanks to an optimised production system, consistently tested in time. Series MA90 modularity allows to provide for custom-made solutions to comply with any operating requirements. The self-standing units are in steel tubular, treated against corrosion through a phosphor-degreasing process and painted with epoxy resins in a thermal tunnel at 200°C.

The structural units are available 60-90-120-150-180 mm long, easily matched, UNI EN 13150- EN 61010-1 certified.

The under-counter units are available in fire-proof aluminium CLASS 1 or in painted metal CLASS 0, sliding on rails or on castors, and they are EN 16121 certified. Counters, 80 cm deep, if to be fitted to the wall and 160 cm deep if centrally placed, can be fitted with many shelves, according to the user requirements.

All the vertical uprights are fitted with adjustable stabilizing feet and their unique rapid fitting allows to made equipped technical wall, where to add the technical services, reagent-support shelves, suspended units, lights and localized aspiration units.

Starting from the MA90 units, a series of specifics products were made as to equip didactic laboratories. In fact the company long-lasting experience in the sector allowed to manufacture a series of wide-appreciated solutions such as chair counters and central counters with localized aspiration units, octagonal counters. The range is always enriched with washing counters, tool counters, anti-vibration tables, sensorial laboratory counters and cabins, glass tool cabinets, laboratory cabinets, suspended cabinets.


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